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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pixter.me for Facebook Pages?

Pixter.me is a Facebook App that adds a new TAB to your Facebook Page and makes it possible for the Page visitors to order your photos and images as irresistible photo-products.

Who is it for?

Pixter.me is for Facebook Page owners that are looking for a new and reliable monetization channel through adding an additional and desirable service for their users.

Why Should I use Pixter.me for Facebook Pages?

Pixter.me brings a reliable monetization way while offering users a unique service that adds fun, creativity and a tangible outcome to your page experience.
Pixter.me takes care of all the store user experience, logistical and service aspects of a global print and delivery service. It's about a win-win cooperation between users, fan pages and the photo products market.

How do I enable Pixter.me on my Facebook Page?

Enabling Pixter.me store on your fan page is very easy. Click the “Get Pixter.me on Your Facebook Page” button. You will be asked to login with Facebook and then to select the Facebook Pages on which you wish Pixter.me store to appear. That’s it. Now you would have Pixter.me store enabled on the selected Facebook Pages and an admin account on Pixter-media publishers portal.

How do I disable Pixter.me on my Fan Page?

Go to the selected Page. Click "More"->"Manage Tabs" and delete the "Photo Gifts" Tab

What is the business model?

There are three price levels for products. The initial one is "Affordable" and aimed to help you start getting traffic and orders. You will then be able to select any of the higher price levels. The "Affordable" price level has small margin over the production and shipping cost. For the "Affordable" price level you get 20% of what is paid by the users. We want to make the model simple for you and easy to track. Therefore, the cut you get is from the entire payment – for both the product and the shipping. The other price levels are "Silver" and "Gold". For the "Silver" you get 40% of the paid amount and for the "Gold" 60%. For the "Affordable" price level we help you by on-going management of campaigns and special offers along the year, taking into account special events and holidays.

What else do I have to do?

Nothing. Pixter.me for Facebook Pages is a complete end-to-end service that includes shopping experience, payment processing, delivery logistics and customer services.

What is your product quality like?

Your satisfaction as well as your users' satisfaction are very important to us. Our products are at very high quality and so is our customer service.

What does my Pixter.me account includes?

Your account is where you view and track your orders and revenues, along with your users’ activities in your store. In addition, you may view and manage your store configurations and additional Pixter.me implementations on other platforms.

How much will it cost me?

For you as Facebook Page owner, Pixter.me functionality is absolutely free of charge.

How much will it cost the user?

At the “Affordable” price level, the cost for the user depends on the types of products ordered and the delivery destination. We keep prices competitive and fair. At the other price levels we aim to meet the standards at the professional market.

What kinds of products can be created from photos and images using Pixter-media?

We currently have 6 main product families: Canvas print, Greeting cards, Premium Magnets, Smartphone cases, Mugs and T-shirts. Additional products will come soon. In case you are interested in a specific product that is not included in the above list – please contact us directly for more details.

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